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Heraklet is a private Computer Science initiative founded by respected and experienced entrepreneurs. Our fields of activity are Network Devices, Network and System Management, Software Development and Information Technologies Consulting and Support Services.

Today, we have rolled up our sleeves with a strong team of engineers to solve your IT problems and meet your technology needs in your business. We want to exceed your expectations and build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Mehmet Demir

Heraklet Information Technologies


Competence in More than 60 Fields in IT


Our Customer Satisfaction Policy


Our Customer Support System is Active 24/7

    We add value to our customers by using our competencies and cutting-edge technology. It is important for us to create global solutions and add value globally. The secret of our success lies in our work by focusing on the needs of our customers and technological changes.


    We believe that disciplined work is important for making the world a better place. The guiding principles, which are the foundations of Heraklet, determine how we do our job. While values shape the future, they determine our view of the world and our relationships with each other.


    We continue our work with a strong desire to provide high standards of service. Producing functional and up-to-date systems,ensuring the continuity of these systems and thus making sure that you reach your goals are among our top priorities. This is where our difference from our competitors begins.



2002 - 2005

Heraklet’s adventure begins as a private venture with 5 software developers coming together under a new brand. The knowledge of Business Development, Software and Network Projecting gained here plays a role in laying the foundations of Heraklet.

2006 - 2017

As Heraklet, we set out to develop the industrial software and network infrastructure throughout Turkey and to add value to the distinguished companies of our country. So far, we have brought technological solutions to many companies. In this process, we contributed to the R&D processes and Projects of large and medium-sized companies on Computer Science by breaking new ground.


With the Law No. 5651 on the regulation of broadcasts over the Internet, we have developed the SKYRON FIREWALL – UTM device to keep logs for up to 2 years, to prevent alternative access ways to blocked sources and to fulfill their obligations. SKYRON, which is currently used in many cities of Turkey, automatically stores the needs of institutions in an e-signed manner by prioritizing minimum power consumption and maximum security. Thanks to the interface we offer to the users, we ensure that the data of the person benefiting from the service is recorded as verified in accordance with the GDPR.

2017 - Present

Heraklet produces network devices and corporate security software in the field of global information technologies. It entered into a new institutionalization process in order to gain brand value in the international market by being inspired by the idea of “Non-Universal Cannot Be National“. The great thinker who lived in the lands of our country, Heraclitus said, “The only thing that does not change is change.” We were inspired by your word. In this direction, we are proud to produce solutions suitable for change and development in order to become a universal brand.

our values


All these values give us the inspiration we need.


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    Quick Responses

    We resolve 95%* of the support requests you make from our support system or telephone support line on the same day. Regardless of where you are in Turkey or the world, we offer you our problem detection and solution suggestions for your device or system. (*According to our 2021 KPI Results)

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    Over 20 years we have gained experience in outsourcing IT, from Data Center Installation to sensitive corporate R&D projects, in industries and application types where IT and Computer Science are translated from theory to practice.

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    International Experience

    Globalization is a necessity of our time. We strive to include it in many areas of our company. We develop products that are highly competitive in foreign markets and worthy of representing our country. We regularly host speakers at international conferences to experience and direct the developing technologies.

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    Project, Production, Support

    We design and evaluate technology solutions, fully understanding the benefit we can bring to your company. After our proposal is agreed upon by mutual agreement, we build your system within the time frame we have projected and committed, and we become your supporter in every situation regarding the system we have created.

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    Most Preferred in IT

    Our portfolio of services covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including hardware, software management and other related technology needs. We work for Turkey with our product and service portfolio, from data center installation to industrial factory automation, from application development (Web & Mobile) to cyber security operations.

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    100% Customer Satisfaction

    We conduct our relations by providing service in accordance with all the items specified in the pre-feasibility, proposal and agreement processes, and placing customer satisfaction at the main center. We provide 24/7 support services to ensure the continuity of the services we provide to our customers and to maintain their first-day performance.

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