Getting Rid of Data Loss is Possible with a Robust Network Infrastructure

The company that you need when applying necessary improvements in digital transformation, Industry 4.0, product-development (P&D), research-development (R&D), facility automation, and software processes: Heraklet.
We have been developing applications (Web, Mobile and wearable technological devices), RF solutions, Barcode systems, IoT solutions, data visualization and business intelligence softwares. We do this with our 20 years of experience.

  • Data Security

    Digital transformation needs to be provided with redundant and highly secure systems in a virtual environment in order to get rid of physical document storage costs and data loss risks.

  • Performance Management

    You can inspect productivity of your employees by monitoring the length of work periods, and the amount of work produced/done. This is possible with digitized processes.

  • Augmented Efficiency

    Businesses achieve high efficiency with low maintenance costs, uninterrupted data flow, secure intranet and internet infrastructure. Small changes will lead to long term benefits.

  • Planning Professionally

    Digital Transformation is of great importance for companies as it produces clear data sources on demand forecasting, error prevention, human-induced data loss, production planning, and control.



The intranet network infrastructure required for the workstations of the enterprises is designed in accordance with the project and technical specifications. Switching, Routing and Firewall applications are implemented by our CCNA and CCNP certified experts to serve the company for a long time.

Digital Transformation | Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents the most comprehensive industrial revolution in our era. The two most important stages of Industry 4.0 are the concepts of Digital Transformation and Internet of Things. Digital Transformation means the transition from classical mechanical logic to factory devices managed by software-based intelligent operating systems. With the Digital Transformation of robotic machines, improvements are realized in many critical points such as man-hour savings, safe working environment, low margin of error, efficient and fast production.

Heraklet provides services to its clients in Web/Mobile application development, Radio-Frequency Systems, Barcode Systems, Network Infrastructure Systems and many other areas within the scope of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

The concept of Internet of Things is one of the two important topics of Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things means that all smart devices in the system are connected to each other and exchange data. In this way, data from different sources is made meaningful..

Endüstri 4.0’ın Dijital Dönüşüm ve Nesnelerin İnterneti kavramlarında en önemli konu ise kötü niyetli kullanımlara karşı Siber Güvenlik altyapılarının geliştirilmesidir. Yetkisiz erişimlere ve hassas veri ihlallerine karşı her kurum ve kuruluş gereken yatırımı yaparak önlem almak durumundadır.

The most important issue in Industry 4.0’s Digital Transformation and Internet of Things concepts is the development of Cyber Security infrastructures against malicious uses. Every institution and organization needs to take precautions by making the necessary investment against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the name given to the ongoing software creation process to provide the functionality of portable and wireless devices, especially smartphones.

Hardware capabilities of mobile devices are increasing day by day. The factor that makes the powerful hardware features of these devices available is mobile applications. Today, the number of applications that need to be developed for portable devices with very different usage areas is increasing day by day. Besides, the diversity of functions required makes applications more complex. Therefore, mobile application development shows itself as a very important field.

Web Application Development

The role the internet connection plays today is pretty obvious. Today, many commercial or non-commercial processes that require interpersonal interaction operate over the internet. Websites are the basic tool that makes the internet connection available. Therefore, it can be said that that it covers a large part of the interactions on the internet.

The common purpose of web applications is that they serve a specific purpose. Each step performed in web application development processes determines the functionality of the resulting application and how well it is fit to serve the overall purpose. Therefore, web application processes are extremely important processes. It should be applied by experienced experts to prevent loss of money and time.

Desktop Application Development

The fully functional programs that can be run on computers, do not need any extra support. The purpose of developing these applications is to complete a certain task that the user wants to be fulfilled, to facilitate processes or to observe situations.

Desktop applications are generally designed specifically for businesses and users. Because every business needs applications that perform different tasks according to its own purpose. In this process, taking into account the current and future needs of the enterprises will affect the functionality of the application.
As Heraklet, we analyze the needs of businesses and develop desktop applications that provide optimal service for them.

RF Solutions

RF Solutions are methods developed to make the advantages of wireless connection available to everyone. These methods work based on radio waves in the 433MHZ and 863MHZ frequency range. Therefore, they are suitable for both small and large-scale application.

RF solutions are produced to cover large audiences around the world. However, each business has its own unique needs and the solutions that come in packages are often not applicable to different businesses. That’s why, as Heraklet, we develop and offer the RF solutions our customers need for themselves.

Automation Systems

An automation system consists of sensors, controllers and electrical equipments that can be managed digitally. The purpose of the automation system is to be able to complete a specific task with as little human intervention as possible. In this way, it serves to accelerate processes by providing a great advantage in the production and control stages.

Today, automation systems are frequently preferred in order to increase the efficiency in production and speed up the general processes. Many manufacturers, small or large, automate the tasks that must be performed within their scope and take advantage of these advantages of technology. As Heraklet, we offer this technology to our customers because we are aware of the benefits of automation systems.

Barkod Sistemleri

Millions of products are produced every day around the world. Very systematic practices are needed for the storage and distribution of these products. It is very important to track packages and boxes. Automating and facilitating such an important task is also a critical step towards increasing the functionality of the world’s product network. At this point, barcode systems technology, offers its users the sophistication required by our age.

Thanks to barcode technology, businesses can obtain the convenience they need in the production, storage and distribution stages. As Heraklet, we are proud to be able to offer this advantage to our customers.



  • WiFi

    A wireless internet service is a network sharing service offered to workstations and devices that are eligible to join the network in an authenticated manner.

  • Firewall

    In addition to traffic control, SKYRON Firewall UTM device has many features such as IPS/IDS, logging in accordance with 5651 law, and content filtering.

  • Cabling in Buildings

    In the operation of the WLAN system, the quality of the structured cabling and the functionality of the WiFi access points are very important.

  • Virtual Private Network

    Installation and management of enterprise VPN services such as PulseSecure, NordVPN, ExpressVPN are available in the Heraklet service portfolio.

  • Wireless Local Area Network

    Kurumlarda kesintisiz ağ hizmeti hayatidir. WLAN yapısının kusursuz bir şekilde çalışması bu isterin olmazsa olmazıdır.

  • Enterprise Router Devices

    Uninterrupted network service is vital in organizations. The perfect functioning of the WLAN structure is indispensable for this area.



Our vertical solution expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Whatever your job, Heraklet Information Systems is always with you with technology solutions compatible with you and the industry.

You can click on the cards for the details of our services under Network Infrastructure Systems.

  • Switching

    Switching plays a vital role for workstations and all devices to be connected to the company network to receive a secure, fast and uninterrupted network service.


  • Routing

    Integration of routing and switching router devices into the system is a must for network infrastructures in corporate businesses.



    SKYRON Firewall UTM device, includes many features such as IPS/IDS, log encryption in accordance with GDPR, content filtering, as well as traffic control.


  • WLAN Configuration

    Uninterrupted network service plays a vital role in enterprises. It is indispensable for these works that the Wireless Local Area Network structure works flawlessly.


  • Cabling in Buildings

    The quality of the structured cabling and the functionality of wifi access points are very important in the operation of the WLAN system.


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Our vertical solution expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Regardless of your corporate sector, Heraklet provides you with high-performance and industry-compatible solutions.

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