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About Heraklet

Heraklet, originally founded as Demir Bilisim Danismanlik in Kayseri, Turkey, in 2005, has grown from a trusted IT partner and software development provider serving Turkish enterprises to an international architect of advanced technology solutions. In 2019, as part of a strategic rebranding, the company embraced the name Heraklet and established its headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Istanbul, signaling a broader vision and commitment to innovation.

Our transformation continued as we expanded our expertise to multidisciplinary engineering projects across Europe, culminating in the opening of our European office in the Netherlands in 2021. The following year marked our entry into the MENA region with an office in Dubai, UAE, fueled by the growing demand for our value-added engineering services.

In 2024, Heraklet LLC celebrated a milestone with the establishment of our presence in Houston, Texas, achieving our goal of becoming a ‘Software Engineering Partner across Four Continents.’ With an ISO 27001 certification and endorsement by the Turkish Ministry of Science and Technology as an ‘Advanced Technology Service Provider’ in 2020, Heraklet stands at the forefront of technological advancement, dedicated to delivering excellence in engineering and software development on a global scale.

Our Milestones

Heraklet USA launches, extending our reach to the 4th continent.
Heraklet UAE initiates global operations.
Heraklet Netherlands establishes European footprint.
Heraklet inaugurates Istanbul headquarters.
DBD sets the cornerstone in Kayseri.

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Why We’re The Most Reliable Engineering Partner

Innovating the Future with Heraklet Software Development

Embark on a journey through digital excellence with Heraklet, your quintessential IT partner guiding you through the pillars of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0. With over two decades of pioneering software processes, we specialize in orchestrating advancement across the human, process, and technology spectrum. Our approach integrates Product-Development (P&D) and Research-Development (R&D), steering your enterprise towards innovation and automation with precision and expertise.

At the heart of modernization lies our commitment to infrastructure enhancement for both the private sector and public institutions. Heraklet’s seasoned experience manifests in our proficiency in Application Development for web, mobile, and wearable tech, alongside our adeptness in RF Solutions, Barcode Systems, and IoT Solutions. We excel in crafting and deploying Business Intelligence Software and solutions, ensuring that Data Visualization isn’t just seen but fully comprehended and utilized for strategic decision-making.

Network Solutions Tailored for Tomorrow

Connectivity is the cornerstone of the modern digital enterprise, and at Heraklet, we build the foundations that empower this reality. With bespoke networking solutions that cater to every need, our expertise in Computer Networks spans from robust infrastructure design to meticulous implementation. Our services ensure that your organization remains connected, with seamless communication channels and infrastructure that scales with your growth.

Whether it’s through cutting-edge wireless network setups, secure VPN configurations, or comprehensive network management, Heraklet is dedicated to optimizing your connectivity. We leverage the latest in network technology to deliver uninterrupted service, high-speed connections, and fortified security against internal and external threats. Our commitment is to provide a network that not only serves your current operations but is primed for the future of digital business.

Shielding Your Digital World

In an era where digital threats loom large, Heraklet stands as a bulwark against cyber adversity. Our comprehensive cyber security solutions safeguard all layers of your digital presence—from desktops and servers to mobile devices and beyond. We understand that cyber security transcends individual sectors, serving as the backbone of both private and public entities. Heraklet is dedicated to fortifying your digital assets against an ever-evolving array of cyber threats.

Our suite of services encompasses a vigilant cyber incident response, meticulous Penetration Testing, and the robust defense of Skyron UTM Firewall devices. We extend our expertise to secure your network and applications, ensuring vigilant monitoring and swift threat neutralization. In addition, our resilient backup systems stand guard, ready to restore integrity in the event of a breach. With Heraklet, your cyber security is in steadfast hands, ensuring continuous protection in a precarious digital landscape.