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Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions for enterprises.


Comprehensive Internet Traffic Security

Explore Skyron Firewall for top-notch cybersecurity: UTM solutions, GDPR compliance, and secure VPNs. Protect your business effectively.


Enhanced Protection Against Cyber Threats

Advanced Cybersecurity

with Heraklet’s

Skyron Firewall

In the digital age, cyber threats evolve rapidly, becoming more sophisticated by the day. Enterprises require robust cybersecurity solutions that not only respond to threats but preemptively neutralize them. Enter Skyron Firewall by Heraklet: the state-of-the-art fortress in cyber defense, engineered to guard and maintain the sanctity of your digital assets.

Secure your enterprise against sophisticated cyber threats with Skyron’s Firewall, featuring stateful packet inspection, anti-spoofing, and robust IP/DNS-based filtering for impenetrable defense.

Understanding the Need for Advanced Firewall Protection

As businesses migrate towards a more digital-centric approach, the complexity of managing a secure network multiplies. Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A breach or cyber attack can lead to disastrous consequences, including financial loss, data compromise, and irreversible damage to reputation. This is where the Skyron Firewall comes into play, providing a comprehensive security solution designed to protect, manage, and monitor your network infrastructure.

The Business Impact of Implementing Skyron Firewall

Integrating Skyron Firewall into your business’s network infrastructure translates into more than just enhanced security. It becomes an investment in the reliability and efficiency of every digital interaction within your company. With reduced risk of cyber attacks, businesses can focus on growth and innovation without the looming threat of digital disruption.

Skyron Firewall: A Testament to Heraklet’s Engineering Excellence

Heraklet has masterfully engineered the Skyron Firewall to serve as a multi-faceted solution that encapsulates the essence of cybersecurity. Each feature reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every byte of data and every digital resource under your stewardship remains under vigilant watch.

By choosing Skyron Firewall, enterprises embrace a future where digital safety is guaranteed, and cyber threats are but a distant memory. As we surge forward into the next wave of digital transformation, Heraklet’s Skyron Firewall stands as a testament to the power of secure, reliable, and innovative cybersecurity solutions.

  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • IP/DNS-based filtering
  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Captive portal guest network
  • Time-based rules
  • Connection Limits
  • NAT mapping (inbound / outbound)
Attack Prevention
  • Per-interface configuration
  • Pre-set rule profiles
  • IP block list database
  • Emerging threats database
  • Multiple rules, sources, and categories
  • Layer 7 application detection
  • Snort-based packet analyzer
  • False positive alert suppression
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Application blocking
Configuration Management
  • Web-based configuration
  • Setup wizard for initial configuration
  • Remote web-based administration
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Easy configuration backup/restore
  • Configuration export/import
  • Encrypted automatic backup to Heraklet server
  • Variable level administrative rights
System Security Management
  • Optional key-based SSH access
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • DNS Rebinding protection
  • HTTP Referer enforcement
  • Web interface security protection
  • Wireguard
  • OpenVPN
  • IPsec
  • L2TP/IPsec for mobile devices
  • Split tunneling
  • Multiple tunnels
  • VPN tunnel failover
  • VPN client for multiple operating systems
  • SSL encryption
  • Site-to-site and remote access VPN
  • Local user authentication or RADIUS/LDAP
  • IPv6 support
  • NAT support
Resilience / Reliability Management
  • Optional multi-node High Availability Clustering
  • Multi-WAN for load balancing and failover
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Automatic connection failover
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Traffic Shaping Wizard
  • Reserve or restrict bandwidth based on traffic priority
  • Fair sharing bandwidth
  • User data transfer quotas

A Future-Proof Investment in Cybersecurity

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Protects Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

Today, every organization is at risk of being cyber-at- tacked. Cyber attacks can cause financial losses as well as loss of reputation for companies. Providing advanced protection against cyber-attacks, Skyron protects your

Compliant with GDPR and Logging with Authentication Law

It ensures that personal data is kept in accordance with the GDPR. Keeps internet records with a time stamp for a minimum of 2 years following Law 5651. This will protect you causing your Six months to 2 years imprisonment

Secure Remote Connection (VPN)

You can establish a secure remote connection between your branches using the VPN feature of Skyron Firewall. While your employees are out of the office, they can securely connect to your company's network.

Internet Access Service in Public Area

The registration system with Turkish identity verification, which works integrated with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, and its use allows users to report their web traffic. It has an easy and practical applica- tion with Subscriber Information Management System.

Internet Traffic Security

It has cyber attack detection and prevention, web content filtering, user limitation, address blocking, account authori- zation, and bandwidth load balancing features.

Obligations of Law Logging with Authentication

In accordance with GDPR AND Logging with Authentication laws, DHCP logs, weblogs, and portal logs are prepared. The transaction is time stamped and archived for two years by the law of Logging with Authentication.


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